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“When I saw the amount of business being passed, I thought, I want to do this...” 
Case Study: Chris Pearce of Castle Electric 
Electrician Chris Pearce of Castle Electric talks about his success in BNI and how much he regrets not taking the chance to become a member sooner, together with advice for any electrician considering applying to join a BNI Chapter. 
“I’ve been in BNI for about nine years now and there was a recession coming and I thought, you know what, I've got to do something! 
“Then a couple of weeks later I visited the Jack O’Newbury chapter and I walked in the room and after just two or three minutes, I thought yeah, this fits. The dynamic in the room struck me as being right. 
“And when I saw the amount of business being passed and heard the numbers being read out, I thought yeah, I want to do this, I'm going to give it a try. That was the turning point and when I looked at the figures and thought, I should have done this 10 years ago. I'd been advised to go to BNI about ten years before that. 
But, originally, I thought I don’t need any distraction I need to focus on this and within about three months of me joining BNI, I'd seen as much work as it took me two to three years to build on my own. It was one of those instances that you sit and think why didn't I listen? Just do it you know, stop overthinking it, just do it! 
“It brings me so much work. I work very well with all plumbers, lots of plumbers but particularly well with a fellow member, Active Heating and that's a good two-way street. We pass one another many referrals. I work with a lot of trades. 
“It also gives you access to other great electricians. Being a one-man band, I can't rewire the world. But in another BNI Chapter, I've got an excellent electrician named Tom Duffin and his crew. I'm quite happy to pass work over to him and I’ve done so. I don't have to worry about it coming back and biting me on the ass because I know it will be done properly. 

 Real Member Stories: Electrician 

“BNI is about word of mouth, with your co-members recommending you" 
“BNI is about word of mouth, your members recommending you and word of mouth can't be fixed, it can't be conned, it can't be duped whereas web ratings; they're very easily conned, they are very easily duped, I know that from experience. 
“BNI also offers training and before I was in BNI, I would make up all these excuses, I would rather be down the pub or run my dog or there’s a football match to go and watch. 
Now I see the potential to learn and if you are serious about your business, training is important and BNI provides really useful sessions, normally in your chapter. 
“I’ve had knocks with the business, just the sort of things every business experiences and honestly, BNI has been a constant source of support through thick and thin.  
You have people within the chapter you can talk to, you trust and look up to. 
“You also make lifelong associations. I've got some really good friends out of BNI, great people I know they're going to be there for me. 
“If you are an electrician and have the opportunity to apply to BNI, put your objections to one side and consider if you are serious about business. Do you want to know you make your mortgage every month? Do you want to grow your business? Just go for it, don’t overthink it just do it, just get on with it and know the results will tell for themselves. 
“BNI will bring me the bulk of my work this year and I want to try and pop about £80k in my bank account and I reckon that'll be a good year for a one-man band.” 
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