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“I made £31,000 in my first 6 months of membership....” 
Case Study: David Rodger Sharp of Rodger Sharp Jewellers 
Everyone has someone special in their life, and at some point, you may want to buy that special person a very special gift. High-quality jewellery, watches and accessories are a great option for this, especially if you can work with a local jeweller to personalise them. David Rodger-Sharp certainly thinks so, which is why he has dedicated his working career to building the skills needed to produce stunning bespoke jewellery and pieces, creating memories that last a lifetime. He has worked in the jewellery trade for the last decade, and opened his own high-street jewellery shop just over a year ago. 6 months in he discovered BNI, and has been a member ever since. 
‘I was first introduced to BNI by a customer I had done a watch repair for. I’d never done any networking before in my life, so I was a little sceptical. I didn’t know how this would fit in with my type of business, especially when everyone else in the room seemed to be a professional or in professional services. But It really did work, which is why I signed up to join the Henley Regatta chapter.’ 
‘I think what it’s allowed me to do is to meet a bunch of like-minded individuals. I’ve been quite lucky that with the challenges that I’ve faced, other people have faced those same challenges.  
So, really it was about the relationships first, you know? 
I met a bunch of great people who wanted me to succeed. And through that it’s allowed me to grow my business, employ more people, get new branding in that I would never have been able to do alone.’‘ 
In terms of money, it’s difficult to give an exact figure when you’re in retail, but I would say around 
5% of my income comes from BNI at the moment, and that’s just after 6 months. 
That might not sound like a lot, but that’s around £31,000 in 6 months. The biggest piece of business I got from BNI was a jewellery set for an anniversary, and that came to around £17,900!’ 
For David, the relationships BNI has allowed him to build within the local community have been a big part of his membership. 
‘It’s definitely the relationships, and the friendships. I would say I’ve probably made some lifelong friendships, which isn’t exactly what I expected! 

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“I don’t think there’s any business that wouldn’t benefit from joining BNI” 
I thought it would be one of those things where people met and then they left. But you meet some fantastic people who want you to succeed, and everyone really believes in the givers gain theory, which is really what makes the difference to BNI.' 
But if you’re a jeweller yourself, you may be wondering if BNI would really work for you. As David mentioned, groups tend to have a lot of professional services as members – but that’s shouldn’t deter you! 
Jewellers can see just as much, if not more success from BNI than professional services. When it comes to joining BNI, my advice is to just do it – you won’t regret it! If you want more business than you can handle than you must absolutely join.  
I don’t think there’s any business that wouldn’t benefit from joining BNI. It’s all about having a strategy and a game plan as well – after all we are all there for money primarily!' 
For jewellers, think about it as exposure. It’s all about exposure, and BNI helped you get yourself out there. 
I’m a new business anyway, so it’s important to be at the forefront of everybody’s mind. And you know, whether it be weddings, anniversary’s, birthdays and other special occasions – if you’re there and someone needs your service then they will generally use you.' 
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