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“We’re seeing exponential growth in the number of referrals we’re getting...” 
Case Study: Michael Palfrey of Theale Wellbeing Centre 
Michael Palfrey is the Principal Osteopath and Director at the Theale Wellbeing Centre. An Osteopath for 26 years, Michael specialises in treating disk injuries in the necks and lower back, as well as shockwave therapy, used to treat chronic tendon injuries. The Wellbeing Centre is a multi-disciplinary practice, offering counselling, psychiatry, podiatry and numerous other holistic care services. We spoke with Michael to find out how BNI membership has been helping him build a healthier referral network for the business: 
“I’ve been aware of BNI since I started my first practice in my parent’s front room, 15 years ago, but back then I didn’t know how much it could help my business. It wasn’t until the end of 2018 when a patient of mine who was part of the Streatley Champions core group invited me along, and I discovered I really liked it. After returning for a second visit and a conversation with my business partner – we decided to give it a go! 
“It was a timely invitation actually! A few months earlier, I’d been to a Therapy Expo. and met a business coach who specialised in working with therapists. He claimed he could help therapists hit 6-figures, and when I’d asked him for his top tip when it came to growing the business, he had replied: Networking, networking, networking! 
“We recognised going into BNI that we’re the sort of business where people need to know and trust us before they will feel comfortable referring to us, so we went into it with our eyes wide open, not expecting to make millions off the bat! That being said, there have been significant financial gains; we’ve made more than enough to make it worthwhile; we’re seeing exponential growth in the number of referrals we’re getting and as a result we’re thinking of introducing partners to other chapters to grow our network. 
“I’m naturally quite a gregarious person anyway but BNI has definitely encouraged me to introduce our business more to people; it’s pushed me, and I’ve now encouraged others in the business to do the same. I’ve definitely enhanced my skills through the training BNI too, which I’ve made good use of, especially now that I’ve trained as a Director Consultant. As a therapist, you obviously have to be a decent listener, but I think BNI has really improved my skills in that area, and I’d say I’m a much better listener as a result now. 
“What BNI has changed most for me is my approach to conversations with other people I think because now I’m open to, and looking for, opportunities to refer other people. That allows me to provide an increased level of holistic care to my patients too, because often their aches and pains are physical manifestations of stress being caused by external sources. So, for example, if it turns out that they’re stressed because they’ve got no hot running water, I can help with the physical pain, and recommend a great boiler fitter to help solve the root cause too! 

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“Since joining BNI I’ve embraced that ‘givers gain’ philosophy even more” 
“I’d like to think I’ve always been a reasonably free giver, but I think since joining BNI I’ve embraced that ‘givers gain’ philosophy even more and am now much more likely to give without the expectation of getting anything back. What I like about BNI is that whilst I’ve formed some lifelong friendships with fellow members, there’s also a real sense of accountability to one another. I’m less scared to have frank and honest conversations and I don’t worry they’ll take it personally, because we’re all trying to help each other grow and develop as business owners. 
“If you run a business in the health and wellness sector, I would say that if you go into it with the right mindset, you shouldn’t hesitate to join BNI. It’s not a get rich quick scheme and you won’t get hundreds of referrals overnight, but  
if you embrace the philosophy and concept and use the system, you can grow a network of suppliers and contacts with skills and expertise you might never have imagined. 
“With the right attitude, BNI can facilitate you in building a really strong, successful business that fulfils and sustains you, without spending the amount of money that you might otherwise spend on marketing. For a health and wellness business it’s really cost effective, but you have to be in it for the long run. If you use it well, people get to know and trust you and you’ll grow a healthy business!” 
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