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“In BNI, Power Teams are one of the most effective strategies of business networking...” 
Case Study: The Power of Power Teams - Bad Blood Films 
Creating a team of professionals who all serve the same client base in a supportive manner is a sure fire way to increase your referrals within BNI. This story features a collaboration between three BNI members - Mark Woodruff, Julian Lewis and Lennie Hedges, and beatifully demonstrates the Power of Power Teams. 
New members are assigned to a Power Team where established members are already feasting on the fruits from their efforts to cultivate and mature long term relationships with like-minded acquaintances and it's there on a plate, ready and waiting to get bigger and stronger with more and more members. 
In a nutshell, the concept assumes that an Accountant will be able to pass business to an IFA and vice versa, and a Bookkeeper will be able to pass business to an Accountant and vice versa, and a Mortgage Adviser will be able to pass business to an Insurance Broker. Everyone mentioned above will all pass business between each other and in the process, they will add more and more related services to their Power Team until they each find that around 80% of their referral business comes from within their Power Team.  
This exact concept was taken to a new level when three members of completely different BNI Power Teams joined forces to make a hybrid team of members who shared a common interest which led to the nationwide cinema release of a movie by an Independent British Horror Film Company. 
Mark Woodruff, a Financial Advisor and member of the Tour de Force BNI Chapter in Reading gave us the full story... 
"In 2019, Mark Kenna of Bad Blood Films visited the annual BNI Big Breakfast event in Reading and set out to meet local business owners with the view to seeking investment, support and collaboration which would bring the grand visions of his film production company to life. 

 Real Member Stories: Power Teams 

“Through BNI, you learn the value of creating relationships in a team. A team gives you Power" 
He met with Julian Lewis, the Executive Director for BNI in Berkshire and Wiltshire who was able to provide some advice in his capacity as a successful business consultant and later introduced Mark to me for some financial advice which led to a third introduction from me to another member of our BNI Chapter, Lennie Hedges. Lennie provided some Marketing advice to Mark but it didn't stop there... 
With three of us showing an interest in supporting Mark and his film production company, we began to learn more about the business and its vision to release a horror film in UK Cinemas. We realised that through BNI and the relationships we had developed, we have the power to do more than provide our individual services. So, we set out to create a team that later led us to introducing Mark and Bad Blood Films to a Digital Marketing Agency and the World's second largest Cinema chain from contacts within our networks. 
knew one of my clients was the VP of Cineworld UK so I decided to explore a conversation about how they could help Bad Blood with nationwide distribution and they were very receptive and keen to hear more.' 
'There was bit more to it, but the story demonstrates the true power of BNI and building relationships and Mark Kenna of Bad Blood Films knew that. He was attracted to BNI through its reputation and knowing that he could find the expertise he needed to sky rocket his film company and he found us, a ready made team. We pulled together to invest as non-executive Directors and support Bad Blood Films with our skills, but also with our contacts, connections and the relationships we have developed through BNI. We know that in the future, we have teams of quality businesses we can call on for all kinds of knowledge and services to further support the growth of Bad Blood". 
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