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“I’d say around 50% of my business has come through BNI...” 
Case Study: Vana Parker of Reactive Sports Massage 
Vana Parker is a Sports Therapist who treats a wide range of clients, from those looking to maintain their fitness and mobility, to rehabilitation and chiropractic referrals. Vana provides mobile services as well as treatments in her at-home studio and thanks to the 2020 pandemic, has also started offering nutritional and fitness advice to those keen to boost their immune systems, stay fit and health and fend off viruses and injuries. 
We spoke with Vana about her experience as a member of BNI and what it’s meant for her business since she joined the Ascot Chapter as a founding member, six years ago: 
“I joined BNI 6 years ago now, as a part of the Ascot chapter’s core group, so I’ve been here since we launched. I originally heard about BNI through my brothers, who run a web design company in Norfolk and had been members of their local chapter for a while. I could see how BNI would work for them, as a B2B web design company, but as a physical service provider, I’m only being paid when I’m working, so I struggled to see how it would benefit me. 
“However, my brothers reassured me that there were several service providers and health and wellness experts within their chapter who received a lot of referrals, and that it was worth checking out. Thankfully, I listened! 
“The Ascot Chapter is just incredible! It’s a lovely, strong group full of great businesses and really nice people, with a real community feel. And not just that – since joining I’d say around 50% of my business has come through BNI referrals too. What I really love about being a BNI member though, is being the go-to person for referrals when my friends, family and clients are looking for someone reliable, whether it’s a tradesman or someone to write their will: I always know someone! 
“Alongside my business, we own a couple of rental properties and we live in a house that needs a lot of work too - a real renovation project. It’s been amazing to have the contacts to help with that, and having used their services myself, I feel confident referring members of my chapter to others. BNI isn’t just a business network for me, it’s a personal network too! 

 Real Member Stories: Sports Therapist 

“I think being part of BNI gives you the confidence to think about growing your business” 
“One of the features of BNI I’ve found most beneficial to my business has been all the training they provide. For example, the business coach in our chapter runs a lot of webinars which I’ve been able to watch for sales and marketing ideas to implement in my business. I think being part of BNI gives you the confidence to think about growing your business, because there’s so much information available to you. As a practitioner, I definitely think it’s worth missing one client appointment a week for all the other benefits you get out of it! 
“I’d definitely recommend BNI to any business owner in the health and wellness field who works alone, because I love having a network of local, enthusiastic business contacts who are facing the same issues as I am. There’s so much opportunity to work in collaboration and there’s a lot of business to be had: Our chapter alone, with just 28 members, has passed over £1.7 million through referrals this year! In fact, I was the first person in Berkshire to be thanked for a million pounds of business referrals: It’s lovely to be known for that!” 
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