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 You’ve been invited To a BNI® chapter meeting, a new way to do business.  

This meeting gives you the chance to meet several members of your local business community. These introductions could lead to new partners, customers or suppliers which can improve the value of your business. We look forward to welcoming you as a guest. 

This BNI chapter:   

Connects you 
to more than 
business people 
around the world 
of referrals 
of business 
What to expect when you attend this meeting: 
To generate the biggest possible impact for you and your business, in the shortest time, BNI chapters operate by a 90-minute agenda. Each week, BNI members in more than 9,000 chapters around the world use this agenda to grow their businesses. 
You are invited because someone saw that your business could benefi t from a BNI membership and thought you could have a positive impact on the chapter. 
BNI chapters track referrals, assign a value and keep a scoreboard to help make trading business fun. You’ll hear statistics like referrals given, referral goals, and income generated. 
In BNI, generating money for other members becomes a game. And the best part, more players mean more referrals and a higher score. More referrals because new members give long-time members a new person to give referrals to and to generate referrals from. 
What you can do to prepare: 
Visitors like you attend chapter meetings all the time. Members are excited to meet you and 
make every effort to make the experience fun and productive for you. Think of it as an invitation to a fun party, with an agenda. 
The only portion of the agenda you need to concern yourself with now is introducing yourself. You’ll have a few seconds to give your name, your business, the problems you solve and your target customer. It’s that easy. One last detail is to remember to give your name at the end of your introduction as well to help members remember you when they have someone to refer. 
What can happen after you attend this meeting: 
When members agree you are a good fit for the chapter, you will be invited to apply for BNI membership. BNI Membership helps you generate more sales with consistent growth, less effort and lower cost than other marketing methods. 
for growing a thriving business and living a happy life 
Be willing to give first, before you expect to gain. 
Giving unconditionally creates a better world for everyone and creates important opportunities and lasting relationships. 
Building strong relationships creates an environment of trust and support that yields happiness, opportunity and meaning. 
Invest in yourself to become the leader you want to be. Your value grows as you develop your knowledge and skills. Lifelong Learning and lifelong happiness are intimately connected. 
We honor our traditions and look to a brighter future fuelled by innovation, optimism and excitement. 
We find the good in everything that happens to us, and that propels our lives forward. Finding the good in every person enables us to attract terrific people, opportunities, and wealth. 
We keep the promises we make, especially when it is hard to do so. This creates trust and supports strong relationships. 
We appreciate that recognition fuels the growth of successful organisations. The person who masters the art of recognition attracts success, meaning, and happiness. 

 Congratulations You are invited to apply for membership  

BNI® membership makes business more rewarding and life more fun. 
A team to generate a steady flow of customers 
A network of business owners who know how to give meaningful referrals and training on how to leverage it. 
You are the only provider for your business category within your chapter. 
Comprehensive training programmes that grow with you as you scale your company. 
A room of givers dedicated to helping you grow 
People to help you hold yourself accountable to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. 
On your own, trying to figure things out 
Too few, inconsistent business referrals with a weak referral network 
Your message gets lost with so many competitors clamouring for the same business. 
On your own to develop the skills you need as you grow your business. 
Dealing with takers, who don’t appreciate what you offer. 
Goals slip and dreams get delayed because it’s easy to slack off because no one is watching. 
3 Easy steps To become a BNI member 
Complete the online application. 
Membership Committee reviews your application, accepts you and the chapter President announces your membership at the next meeting. 
Complete the Member Success Programme to accelerate the referrals you generate for your business. 
to help you grow your business 
Your chapter will not accept another member within your specific business category. 
Exposure to a team is excited and motivated to get to know your business and your target customer to help your business grow by giving you referrals. 
Make effective use of your time by running meetings in accordance with an agenda optimised for maximum results in the shortest possible time 
A wealth of networking tools to help you grow your business. 
Get you results as fast as possible with a comprehensive Member Success Programme to help you get the most out of your BNI membership. 
Connect with members around your country and the world online and through regional, national and international events. 
BNI’s mobile app and BNI Connect enable you to build relationships with members in 70 countries around the world. 
Provide you with up to 50 networking meetings a year to generate referrals. 
Business tradeshows and local conferences to network with BNI members throughout your region. 
Advanced business education programmes to help you grow your business through more effective networking, public speaking, and business development. 
to get the biggest impact from your membership 
Arrive early and stay for your weekly chapter meetings. 
Give referrals and/or bring visitors to chapter meetings 
Represent your primary occupation, not a part-time business. 
Conduct your business according to BNI’s Code of Ethics or the formal professional standards for your occupation. 
Send a substitute when you cannot attend your weekly chapter meeting 
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