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“Thank you BNI, and may we continue to learn, grow and prosper together” 
Case Study: Dominic Brierley of The Money Guardian 
The Money Guardian provides Financial Advice in and around Berkshire. Dominic joined The Money Guardian as a senior partner. He brings a wealth of experience from 30 years in financial services. Dominic says, “At The Money Guardian, we see life as a journey. We’re here to help people at those times when professional advice can make a real difference". 
“My first experience of BNI, at this very chapter (Tour De force) was as a substitute for my business partner Melanie, who was one of the founder members. I thought it was interesting and was impressed by the structure being used which was different to any other networking I’d experienced. 
When Mel became pregnant, I took the seat permanently in her place just before the Covid pandemic hit and I must confess to having misgivings about it. The usual worries of I don’t have the time, it’s a big commitment etc etc. 
As the pandemic took hold and the economy closed down I found myself feeling very alone, working from home with a business partner on maternity, an admin team on furlough and a housing market that was shut down completely. I wouldn’t say that’s when the penny dropped exactly but the value of being part of this great chapter couldn’t be underestimated. I knew, come what may, that we’d be together online on a Thursday morning, supporting each other in a time of crisis using that same structure I’d been impressed with at the outset. 
Over the last two and a half years, being a part of this chapter and BNI as a whole has supported me and my business to go from strength to strength. It’s done that by more than providing referrals that have led to quality business. It’s given me a broad network of other business owners with a growth mindset, it’s led me to referral partners who were once part of BNI and some who never have been but were found through the process." 

 Real Member Stories: Financial Advisor 

“I’ve gained a new mindset, one focussed on the principle of givers gain. That if I help others achieve what they want, that same success will come back to me as a result.” 
As we enter the next phase of economic turbulence I take comfort that I still have that team around me, every week, who are pulling in the same direction. They’re being subjected to the same turbulence that I am but also safe in the knowledge that we are all better together. 
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