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“I can honestly say, if I had not joined BNI, I would have struggled to get up and running...” 
Case Study: Naomi Riches MBE 
Naomi’s story is one of true grit. 
Labelled as ‘disabled’ from birth (due to a severe visual impairment) the doorway towards aspiration was firmly closed, for Naomi, from an early age. However, somewhere, deep inside ‘the little blind girl’ with apparently no self-confidence, was a burning desire to prove everybody wrong! 
Completely out of the blue, it happened to be competitive rowing that was to become her saviour. In fact, within four months of being selected to join the GB Para-Rowing team, she became World Champion, in the Mixed, Coxed Four. 
Naomi’s personal story: “From Playground To Podium” as a shining example of true resilience, is simply not to be missed. 
"I was introduced to BNI by a friend of mine in September 2020, just after being made redundant. I had decided to work for myself initially as a Motivational Speaker and Facilitator, but I had no idea how to start this new chapter of my career. I was being offered networking opportunities right, left and centre, but I wasn’t sure what I needed. 
After my two visits to BNI, I knew I liked it, I liked the structure and the people… BUT I was hugely daunted by the amount I had to learn about running my own business, and what seemed at the time to be a huge cost per year. My only option then, was to sign up to a ‘ladies only’ networking group… it felt more gentle and cost far less. 
My friend was disappointed when I told her, but understood my reasoning. She did try to explain that I might be over thinking the complexity of BNI, and underestimating the impact it can have. But financially, BNI was simply not an option." 

 Real Member Stories: Performance Coach 

“My fellow members in BNI Jubilee have been; the experts and the fixers I wanted...” 
“In late November, I was in Marlow, just leaving Sainsbury’s on the high street, and to be honest feeling a bit low. I was thinking… I just need a job, I miss the security of a regular income, and I miss people (which was magnified by the fact that we were going in and out of Covid lockdowns that winter). 
I remember this so clearly, as if she had read my mind, Caroline Romero rang me to offer me a years membership for free, as I was a new business. I sat on the bench on the high street almost in tears… wow, what an opportunity, how am I so lucky. 
Two years later, I can honestly say, if I had not joined BNI, I would have struggled to get up and running, I would have struggled to continue when the times were tough, and there is no way I would have learnt so much. 
“Meeting every week with a group of likeminded business people, who have the skills I do not have, and who have all been in my position, is truly motivating. 
My fellow members in BNI Jubilee have been; the experts and the fixers I wanted, the critics and challengers I appreciated, but mostly the friends and cheerleaders I so needed. 
Thank you BNI!!!” 
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